Welyarde – dog friendly cottage in the Peak District

Welyarde is a really dog friendly cottage in the Peak District. Unlike many holiday cottages, we don’t charge extra for dogs. We go out of our way to make them feel as welcome as you do, providing:

  • a bag of home-made dog treats (Tuna Bread or Garlic Cheese Bites are particular favourites of ours!)
  • “I’m on holiday” tags for you to clip to your dog’s collar for the duration of your stay. These display our contact details just in case the nightmare scenario happens and your dog is lost whilst you are staying at Welyarde
  • doggie towels to dry paws after muddy or wet walks
  • throws for the furniture, so you don’t feel guilty curling up on the sofa after a long walk
  • a huge garden, which is fully walled/fenced.  (Note that there are some steps up from the back door to the garden area)

When Tilly and Dillon from Your Dog Magazine stayed at Welyarde, they were pretty impressed.  Read their review of our dog friendly cottage in the Peak District in the May 2012 edition of Your Dog Magazine here.  You can read comments from other recent guests here.

Doggie Rules

All we ask is that you clean up after your dog – both inside and out. In the garden area, a ready supply of poo bags are provided. Please deposit these in the dustbin outside.

Please do not leave your dog unsupervised in the cottage for more than about an hour. If you know they can be destructive when they are left alone, or they bark when left alone or suffer from separation anxiety, please do not leave them unsupervised for any period. It’s just not fair on your dog.   We have a very reliable dog sitter in the village who we would recommend – Fiona and Juliet at Frederick-Lloyd.

Welyarde is located close to farmers’ fields on the edge of Tideswell, and there is livestock in many of them. Please don’t let your dog off-lead when there are sheep/cows nearby. Please also be aware that you may find a field is free of livestock one day; but this is no guarantee that it will be free of cows/sheep on the next day. So always check before letting your dog off-lead.


Supporting Dog Rescue Charities

Carrie is a staunch supporter of various dog rescue charities.  We have a collection box in the cottage if you’d like to make a small donation whilst you’re here. This year we’re supporting Oldies Club – a nationwide dog rescue charity focusing on older dogs – see www.oldies.org.uk.  In 2013 our guests donated over £500, which we matched to a total of £1000. Thank you from The Oldies!